Abortion is wrong, has consequences

Life starts in the womb. Although the Bible clearly states this, many willingly choose to ignore a preponderance of evidence that corroborates this. Numerous children are born prematurely and live to become healthy adults. Personally, my brother had twin boys born at about seven months and they’ve grown to be healthy young men.

John Kelly and Thomas Verny wrote “The Secret Life of the Unborn Child” in 1980. In reference to this book, and ongoing research, unborn babies react to what happens around them. They hear, taste, feel and learn in the womb. Babies are even keenly aware of the mother’s emotions. Some adults have had actual memories of birth trauma, induced labor or breech birth. Others have had dreams concerning womb experiences.

The womb should be a safe place for babies, and yet, our policies have made it a terror zone for many infants who are aborted. These little babies cannot protect themselves. Roe v. Wade should be repealed. To put it bluntly, abortion is homicide. Abortion is immoral and it brings shame in many ways. Not only does it bring shame to a nation, it brings shame to the individuals involved.

Men and women who choose abortion will often suffer consequences throughout their ongoing years. Truth and reason are tainted as the conscience becomes dulled and hardened. Guilt and shame remains hidden, or unresolved throughout their lives. If this is you, please know that God forgives and wants to compassionately heal you from this trauma.

"For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23)

Michael H. Imhof
Aurora, IL