Choose this Day


Choose this day who you will serve. May the words of Joshua challenge America?

People believe that they have the right to do evil; the same way illegal immigrants believe that they have rights to be here in violation of law.

Talk show hosts get on radio, and tell you what needs to be done in our government. This scene goes on without substantial progress election after election. Globalists pit group against group, and watch the fray from the sidelines, probably amused by, and enjoying their orchestrated arrangements.

It’s clear that the church has had little or minimal impact on the direction of this nation. Based on various reasons, could it be said that the church has been, on a whole, quite anemic, lethargic or inept?

One is told from the Bible that God is a jealous God, and hates evil. This statement is worth pondering as one considers the morality, and direction of this nation, as a government and as a people. Further, in light of this last statement, is it possible for man to solve the problems of America? I answer this with a resounding, “No”.  It’s quite obvious that this nation is heading for a tremendous train wreck.

The only answer, and I cannot be more emphatic, is for America to repent immediately before the Living God, as a government and as a people, and serve God Almighty with their all of their hearts. The divine providence of God is requisite to the future of this nation.

"For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23)

Michael H. Imhof
Aurora, IL