Nothing nobler in life

Christians can operate by fear, or they can operate by faith and love. That said, one of the worst disablers to well-meaning individuals is the fear of man. Many people when sharing their faith start to think this way – What will they think of me if I invite them to church? Are they going to think I’m strange if I give them a gospel tract? I don’t know if I should say something about Jesus because I feel nervous.

Typically, that is the flesh talking to you when you become fearful of sharing Jesus. If the flesh is talking to you, then you need to make a decision in those moments to die to self. Jesus Christ gave you life, and Romans 12:1 instructs us that it is our “reasonable service” to live for Him. Those are thoughts of fear, but remember the primary motivation is love.

If you love others, you will tell them about Jesus. If you love people, you should share with them what Christ has done for you. If you care about those around you, that crippling fear should be replaced with a love for them regardless of their reactions. God has given you a spirit of love, and the greatest thing you can share with others is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We still have freedom to share that message in America. We need to take advantage of that freedom to do so.

There is nothing nobler in life than to share the gospel with someone.

"For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23)

Michael H. Imhof
Aurora, IL