Pushing Against Darkness


This 279-page book presents numerous insightful editorials on morality, religion, and the state of public affairs. The author aggressively attacks diverse subjects with discerning and intuitive analysis for truth. He takes readers behind the scenes to expose the evil and evil-doers that operate covertly and pull the strings of those in government and private sector positions who play into their hands. This collection of short op-ed pieces is relevant and to the point. The theme of “good versus evil” permeates throughout book with breathtaking candor and purpose. This book provides outstanding information for anyone who is interested in the insidious things that are happening in America today.

ISBN 978-1-4796-1345-8; Aspect Books; go to www.aspectbooks.com or www.amazon.com.

Gods Word Bullet Proof


This 144-page book uses prophetic analysis, archeological evidence, and science and common sense reasoning to prove the Bible. The author draws from his many worldwide travels and personal experiences to lead people to logical conclusions in a concise, informative, insightful and easy-to-read book. This is a great book for anyone searching for the truth, or existence, of God, and for those who maintain reference books. FIVE STAR READ. Great book to have in your library, and for use in witnessing.

ISBN 978-1-4796-1347-2; Aspect Books; go to www.aspectbooks.com or www.amazon.com.



This 66-page book discusses biblical principles learned in a military career. Travel with Commander Michael Imhof around the globe and learn about what it means to Stand Up for God. The former U.S. Navy SEAL shares his many experiences including Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, being HIJACKED in Southern Lebanon, assignments at SEAL commands, and working with officers from the Soviet Union. These vivid stories, plus many more, will show the reader what it’s like to be a fearless Christian in a sinful and selfish world. Material is written in simplicity and with clarity. It’s outstanding reading and has something of interest for all.

ISBN 978-1-4796-0847-8; Aspect Books; go to www.aspectbooks.com or www.amazon.com

Supernatural Testimonies

Supernatural Testimonies

This 152-page book has 29 testimonies of people from a broad spectrum of different lifestyles.

Read about how the manifested love of God set people free from bondage, deception and desperate situations.

The writer says, “The people in these testimonies came to realize that there was a void in their lives. So many times people look back over their lives and realize that God was tugging on their hearts all the time, but they wouldn’t listen. Thus, people go their ways, make poor decisions and plunge into sin. As a result, people often call out to God in desperate situations.”

ISBN 1-933858-02-8; Evangel Press; Evangel Press, Nappanee, IN (800-253-9315) or go to www.amazon.com


Testimonies of Ex-Muslims

This 69-page book has 18 testimonies of Muslims who left the Islamic faith and made their decision for Christianity. The content and style of these chapters have been presented the way the people have presented their testimonies. Read of how God moves on hearts who truly desire to know Him, regardless of the severe persecution and consequences.

The writer says, “I was living in Afghanistan when the idea came to me about putting together a small book of testimonies from ex-Muslims. Many people have been so misled by the religion of Islam. In many cases, Muslims are very sincere in their beliefs, but that does not make their beliefs correct. Truth, in reality, is more important than sincerity.”

ISBN 1-933858-01-X; Evangel Press; Evangel Press, Nappanee, IN (800-253-9315) or go to www.amazon.com

Walking With God

Walking With God

This 188-page daily devotional in poetic form conveys truths of the Bible and how they apply to life in the area of successful everyday living.

The author says, “In reality, each daily reading provides distinct and positive direction, much like a small sermon. Value the truths of the Bible for the Bible is a special gift to man. It always leads us to victory because God is a good God and only wants the best for us.”

ISBN 1-57258-222-7; Aspect Books; go to www.aspectbooks.com or www.amazon.com

Lessons From Bible Characters

Lessons From Bible Characters

This 57-page book is a straightforward analysis of Biblical characters and situations that inspire both teens and adults.

The purpose of this book is to examine 35 situations where we can learn from Bible characters. In Chapter 28 entitled “Faith Pays Off,” the author writes about a specific Bible character then states, “Let us also not allow temporal circumstances, no matter what they are, prevent us from receiving from God. The storms of life or adversities say one thing but the Word of God says victory.”

ISBN 1-57258-019-4; Teach Services, Inc.; [Also available in Spanish] Purchase: go to www.amazon.com

More Lessons From Bible Characters

More Lessons From Bible Characters

This 64-page book gives insightful analysis of Biblical characters and situations that bring encouragement both teens and adults.

The author writes, “Thirty-five situations are examined, and again, short summaries and simple conclusions are made for everyday living.”

In Chapter 19 entitled “Love Is An Action Word,” the author analyzes a Bible character, then writes, “Love truly makes a difference in lives, for those in need of it and for those giving it. We’re the better for it as we put love into action.”

ISBN 1-57258-205-7; Teach Services, Inc.; [Also available in Spanish] Purchase: go to www.amazon.com